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Default Making an override for Evil Witch Glow/Aura
I have been trying for a while to get started with an override for the evil witch glow, but I don't know how to start. I want to change the green aura to a red one instead. I tried to follow the directions in this thread but I've looked through every file in the 3D folder, and still not found what I needed. I suspect the effect is called something like this:


Because I downloaded a default replacement that removes the effect and found those names in the file. I may be wrong, but still, I haven't found anything that could be it. I found the skins for witches, their clothes, objects and so on, but not that effect. I also looked in the effects-folder, but that didn't give me anything. So is it possible, and how do I start?
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I don't have it installed on this computer, so I can't double-check my suggestion; but are you looking at the object packages under Apartment Life instead of the main game folders?
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Yes I am.
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So, you can remove the effects, but not edit them?

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What a shame! I was really determined to do this.

But hey, I found stuff like the helicopter spin and circle that's left after magivestium. Don't they count as effects?
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