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Default Mod to lower amount of Simoleons coming in...
Making money in this game is so ridiculously easy. I have asked in a few different places before about lowering incomes, sale prices of items etc but have never had anyone give me an answer. Of any kind.

What I would like is levels kind of. Easy, normal, hard and Extra hard (Or whatever you want to call them lol) Perhaps easy you make a bit more, maybe 120 percent more but the others create a situation where you bring in less money. So, on Extra hard, you would only make 25 percent of your regular salary from work. The place where it really starts to make a difference though is in vendoring items. So, that haul of blackberries that would usually make you 10k will only make you 2500 now. Same with rocks, gems, flowers, fish, bugs ...basically anything that you can collect in the world and then put in your inventory to sell.

I am kind of indifferent on paintings, books etc. They dont make a ton of money on their own, but I think they should be tweaked too since they are an income item.

What it wouldn't effects is items you bought and sell back like a couch or counters for example. Those would sell for the same since those things aren't an actual income item.

I am open to any suggestions that would make this doable as the game is or if anyone has any tweaks or ideas to make this better.

I always start my sims off with 0 money and before long they're rolling in dough and that is so not how life works. I have tried just not collecting or not getting a job, but then I feel like Im not really playing the game.

Anyways, thats my question. I am fairly comfortable with S4S as far as doing CC and poses, but have never really modded anything. I would be more than happy to do this myself if anyone could point me in the right direction to get started. I have NO attachments to this idea and am not one of those people that needs credit so if you want to run with it and make it your own, please feel free. Just let me know when you release it so I can enjoy it too!!!

Thanks in advance and if anyone has any questions just ask. I can also be reached (Probably quicker response) on my simblr. SelaronoSims.Tumblr.Com
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