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Default Glitch in text when posting stories.

I'm reporting an annoying bug I discovered today-

After posting my story onto the site, I noticed a weird glitch in the text.

I have my story typed out in a word program, and I am copying and pasting it onto the site. The text appears normally in "preview' but after its submitted, it glitches. I have included a picture of my most recent post. This is after I went through and *thought* I fixed all the glitches.

The glitches, appear to only occur when there is quotation marks used or an apostrophe. Either way- it's plenty annoying.

Here is the image from my story. The other glitches were all fixed, I forgot about this one, and decided to take a pic to report it.
The text SHOULD read. It's a rainy Summer day.

Hopefully someone knows how to fix this, as its very annoying to anyone posting stories.
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