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Latest News Community Spirit contest! 11th Apr 2017 at 5:33 PM EDT

Hello Simmers! I hope the month of April is treating you all well. If any TS2ers are looking for a fun building contest to help get the creative juices flowing, head on over to the contests forum to check out joandsarah77's Community Spirit contest! ... read more

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Adding Morph States to Accessories 21st Apr 2017 2:32 PM EDT
Making a default replacement (global I believe?) 19th Apr 2017 11:13 PM EDT
Two objects in the same package - how? 18th Apr 2017 12:48 PM EDT
Bath curtain lost its dirty state! 18th Apr 2017 5:23 AM EDT
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Set days into season? 16th Apr 2017 9:42 AM EDT
Help with Zecutines!!!!!!!!!!!! 16th Apr 2017 12:30 AM EDT
Fix Integrity messing up my mesh? 15th Apr 2017 2:08 AM EDT
ANIM files can't be exported correctly. 14th Apr 2017 2:34 PM EDT
MilkTypes (Cow Pasture Store) objects IDs - can anyone help me with understanding? Today 4:58 PM EDT
Road glitch? Today 11:30 AM EDT
CAW Bridge clipping issue? Today 3:03 AM EDT
Custom Career Opportunities Yesterday 5:45 PM EDT
Palm Royal Causing random fog? Yesterday 3:06 PM EDT
Mod Suggestion - Portable Coffee Mugs Yesterday 2:40 PM EDT
Pleasantview Remake. Again. Yesterday 1:47 PM EDT
Tutorial: Making new non-core Liftime Wishes 21st Apr 2017 2:42 PM EDT
Granthes's Custom Content Fix for PETS [plus BED FIX] 20th Apr 2017 9:18 PM EDT
How to add a geostate as a regular mesh? 20th Apr 2017 7:37 PM EDT
Custom Career- How to change salary, ideal mood, working days and hours? Today 12:40 PM EDT
Changing what a item is categorized as? Today 12:23 AM EDT
Maximum and minimum fat range obtainable halved mod ( Solved and download Available) Yesterday 8:25 PM EDT
Fix for Marriage Proposal problem 20th Apr 2017 2:51 AM EDT
Help Creating Lamps, Please! Elvis Urgent 19th Apr 2017 5:34 PM EDT
skin color 18th Apr 2017 9:47 PM EDT
Can this house design be improved? 18th Apr 2017 8:22 PM EDT
The "Secret Sister Challenge" 18th Apr 2017 6:20 PM EDT
[HELP Custom Food] No any actions and name not showing 17th Apr 2017 12:30 PM EDT
Can someone help me with this hair? 17th Apr 2017 3:33 AM EDT
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Community Spirit Today 2:53 PM EDT
The Alien Meeting Point Challenge Yesterday 4:07 PM EDT
100 Generations Challenge Yesterday 3:40 PM EDT
The Victorian Social Class Challenge - TESTERS WANTED 20th Apr 2017 5:58 AM EDT
Warwickshire: A Renaissance Challenge, Happy Holidays Gift! 18th Apr 2017 6:34 PM EDT
Poverty Challenge 14th Apr 2017 2:15 PM EDT
Crazy Cat Lady Challenge 13th Apr 2017 9:13 AM EDT
The Test of Time Challenge 10th Apr 2017 11:51 AM EDT
The Royal Kingdom Challenge 7th Apr 2017 12:17 PM EDT
Build A City Challenge (by @iCad) From The Very Scratch 7th Apr 2017 6:54 AM EDT
The Random Legacy Challenge (2nd Thread) Today 1:49 PM EDT
My Island/Shipwrecked Challenge Yesterday 5:55 PM EDT
Sims 3 Generations Challenge Yesterday 3:37 PM EDT
Foster Care Challenge Yesterday 2:26 PM EDT
The Warrior Cats Legacy Challenge ~ Highly Updated! 21st Apr 2017 5:46 PM EDT
•The "Do it as you Go" Challenge• [No Farther Updates] 21st Apr 2017 2:53 PM EDT
LTW Challenge 21st Apr 2017 12:48 AM EDT
The Hidden Child Challenge 20th Apr 2017 8:10 PM EDT
The Adoption Legacy 18th Apr 2017 9:26 PM EDT
The Opposite Princesses Challenge 18th Apr 2017 12:12 AM EDT